Stratium is a full theory of personality based on self-organized mind stratified from the biological to the psychological. It is consistent with the scientific data on the subject, both from biology, neurosciences, and from humanities, philosophy, sociology, psychoanalysis ; it weaves a continuity between these disciplines.

What does mean “Stratium”? The term contains a aspect existentialist/metaphysical: think of a layered pandemonium; as well as a neuroscientist aspect: it is a set of neural centers establishing communications at multiple levels, as an atrium whose walls are floors of offices connected by many gateways. This model allows to structure the unconscious in understandable way. Classically, the separation of the biological, social, and personal unconscious does no rapprochement with the neuro-anatomy. In our theory, the biological unconscious represents the lowest levels of the Stratium, which we will give a very scientific description, while social and personal are higher but indistinguishable, to tell the truth: the social concepts are processed using personal representations; they are entangled in the image of the self.

A ring theory to unify them all!
Our model is able to satisfy both neuroscientists as philosophers, and even metaphysicians, who find in this model a wide-open base on imagination. This book seeks precisely to ascertain if it can absorb famous existing theories.
Scientists based on the subject by the pathophysiology of nervous system on the one hand, behavioural studies on the other. These are the descendants of behaviorism, a vision of man created by specialists of animal experimentation. Not surprisingly, they tend to see man as a (ultra) sophisticated version of a lab rat. Gathered in a more diverse group, other thinkers attached to the subject are the existentialist philosophers, who scoff the dance of the neurons , and watch the whole mind concept is primarily a property of consciousness, to keep as a starting point.

Their rivalry, unfortunately, suffers a growing imbalance. Philosophers have recreate magnificent enchantments on productions of consciousness, scientific bulldozer lamine little by little their positions, and cognitivism gradually invaded all aspects of daily life, particularly in the utilitarian societies engaged in cultural conquest of the planet. Research on the psyche is so trusted currently by neuroscience, while philosophers are many to take refuge on the bastions of the history and prefer to ignore the phishing programming their thinking.

In this book we see first place if the mass is said, i.e. if the science has the means of its claims. We then review of the theories of personality designed in the last century, still uptodate since serving as base for number of psychotherapies. Succeeds the theory of the Stratium, its claim to include others to make them compatible, with its consequences in psychotherapy. Finally, before concluding, we’ll make two incursions in neuroscience, one to show that the principles of our theory are found actually at all levels of biology, the other to explain consciousness, and back in a transhumanist perspective.

Stratium was issued in 2014 at editions L’Harmattan. (only in French)

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    1. Currently writing the third volume of this trilogy. I am also a doctor terribly solicited by his patients (‘Stratium’ theory works remarkably in practice for self-improvement of both psychological and biological problems). Try ‘Diversium‘ which explains again ideas from Stratium in a global theory of auto-organisation. ‘Divisarium’, next year, will be in english. Thanks for your support.

  1. Jean-Pierre–just came across mention of your books, especially “Stratium” I am also a medical doctor/philosopher (studied mostly Russell and Wittgenstein) and wrote a book in 2010 “Consciousness–A Bio-philosophical Investigation”. It is available online (free I think). I think we are on very close lines of thinking. I think you will get my email from this response and if you wish to contact me I will be very happy. jrdale”at”

  2. Dear Jean-Pierre,

    While I can still find some copies of the Stratium book available in French, taking my French is not that great, it probably wouldn’t be able to get much out of buying a copy, I cannot however find any copies of the Diversium book, are those still up for sale somewhere ?


    1. The latest English version of Stratium can be downloaded for free here:

      The next version will be a chapter of the book Surimposium, a theory of the complex dimension capable of remarkably unifying our vision of reality, if it is understood.

      The way of thinking used in this theory is another chapter already available in English and downloadable here:

      Comments and criticisms are welcome. It is not a work of guru. Best regards, Jean-Pierre

      1. Brilliant, thanks for that Jean-Pierre.

        If I have any comments, then I will let you know, may take some time to get through it all though.


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