Is truth limited to or by science?

Not. And even science is not the best field of truth. A scientist tells you that. Let's explain this paradox:

The truth is, about one thing, let's hear "the thing in itself," regardless of what's about it.

Science is a representation of reality. It is not reality per se. The representation is entirely structuralist. A set of information. Extremely specific on certain subjects. But 'precise' is a definition of our observation, of the instruments used. Beyond information, science cannot tell whether there is a substance, what energy is. It is impossible to know the truth about the observed thing because it is impossible to experience oneself as the thing in itself.

Science is certainly the best mask of truth. The only homogeneous representation of reality. The only way of knowing can weave together the patchwork of existing patterns about things. Science avoids any transcendental principle arbitrarily applied to things. She lets them express themselves, in experimentation. In this sense, it is science that comes as close as possible to the truth of things outside our minds.

Nevertheless, the best field of truth is… our mind. Our conscience in particular. It is the only place where the absolute truth of a thing is found, which is "Me," which is experienced.

Any comment on this subject would be further from the truth than… what you're experiencing.


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