Why is Google not aware?

(Continuation of the previous article on consciousness and intelligence)

A level of intelligence is a level of consciousness. Not the opposite. Levels of consciousness begin in the organization of matter (of course they are not yet consciousness as we experience it) and then virtualize in the neural organization (the part we also call intelligence).

The consciousness experienced, as well as the intelligence employed, is the result of this stacking of physical and then virtual levels.

The interest of this theory is, in addition to an explanation of consciousness, to understand why intelligence is not just a sum of knowledge. It is their hierarchical organization. It is the depth of this organization.

For example, an artificial intelligence today can gather a quantity of information far superior to the human mind about a particular subject. This does not make him a genius, nor a conscious entity by our standards. His intelligence seems limited to us, and it's easy to understand: it is only one level of information that the AI. thus extended, increasing the set of aggregated items. She did not merge them into integrated information. She didn't build an additional depth of information. However, it is the stacking of levels, not their extent, that increases intelligence.

So we see that there are very intelligent minds who have little information. While others have incredible memories, host entire dictionaries of information, but are not considered remarkable intelligences.

Google is a gigantic layer of information… flat. The human mind is a very high pile of a much smaller amount of information.


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