How did you escape solipsism?

Let us differentiate solipsism as a philosophy and as a psychological syndrome.

There is no need to escape philosophical solipsism. It is enough to transform it into a truism: our universe is entirely mental, personal, totalitarian. It is impossible for us to experience reality other than through perceptions.

Nevertheless, this authentically solipsistic universe is anything but homogeneous. It's a world of conflict. We do not have the control over it. It doesn't matter that we can't get out of this universe, it's perpetually invaded. A solipsism that would denigrate this could not explain the surprise.

Psychological solipsism is a disease of the mind that is currently spreading. It is associated with the push for individualization and, more paradoxically, with the rise of social networks.

Social networks, in fact, isolate more than they socialize. What they mix are memes, patterns of thought on particular subjects, events. They don't mix people.

Talking to someone physically is profoundly different from a digital exchange. A considerable number of additional levels of information are involved, by body language, by the reality of the social relationship. These are the most shared, most collectivist levels.

On a social network it is brains in incubators who discuss. In a living space they are complete people, bodies equipped with a brain, placed in physical reality.

The depth of difference is evident, for a doctor, when dealing with a pathological personality. Psychoses are excessively deviant individualities. They are exacerbated when the individual is alone. Paranoia develops freely. It occupies the thoughts completely.

It is only when the psychotic socializes physically, that the reality of other individuals is represented to him, that he emerges from solipsism. Not without difficulty.

A social network does not have this effect. On the contrary, it is capable of exacerbating solipsism since paranoid ideas are able to group into small communities and strengthen each other.

A conspiracy theorist finds realistic ideas only by finding himself in the midst of real people.

Escaping psychological solipsism is therefore to present itself entirely to the world, so that the world presents itself entirely to you.


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