Time and memory

Question: "Is time a unit of measurement subordinate to the human ability to store memories? If we could not, would there be the same time? »

Time (as a passage of time) is relational. He owns things in relation. This is how we can connect a time of particles and a mental time.

Related neurons create two types of time:

1) Their functional time, which is that of their processes, which corresponds to the speed of thought.

2) Their time represented, which is that codified by neural patterns about things. This code orders events over time and roughly measures the durations between them.

Some of the events are stored in memory, as well as their order and the time spaces separating them. But this is a purely representative memory of time, sequential as that of a book.

The temporal distance we experience for remembrance is recalculated by today's brain, especially according to the time since its last evocation rather than the date of the event itself.


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