Pro-conflict psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be the creation of a conflict.

The tendency in therapy is to approach problems with delicacy. Avoid frontal attacks. Why create a conflict when you are approaching one, already very lively?

Because the person has already built behaviors to manage it. If it is imaginative enough, or undemanding, or its environment is protective, current behaviours can be enough to lead a rewarding life. That's what we all have. We are only collections of conflicts resolved in a way that we find satisfactory… but others may have a different view.

Conflicts never go away because they can spread at leisure in the social universe. One way to strengthen and protect our personal solutions, even when they are wobbly, is to isolate themselves. Cut yourself off from the opinions of others.

When it is impossible, when the behaviours are unsuited to the usual family and social environment, their owners come to consult a psychotherapist. Or rather they are encouraged by their loved ones, because they are always more satisfied with their solutions than those around them.

Psychotherapy may therefore require some initial destabilization. Seeking a new solution involves actively rejecting the one in use. There is no need to create difficulties for those who are acutely aware of it. While those sheltered from a thick shell deserve to see it lizarded.

I draw a parallel in rheumatology with inflammation, acute or chronic.

Acute inflammation is a very effective repair or change process. An enzymatic reaction resolves the injured or incompetent tissues, a reconstruction occurs in a second time. In chronic inflammation, the initial reaction was not powerful enough. Healing is not of good quality. The fabrics continue to give way under the constraints. The attempt at reparation continues without ever succeeding.

The most effective treatment for chronic inflammation is local shock waves. Increase aggression on the area and stimulate the activity of repairing cells, equipped with mechano-receptors, sensitive to vibrations. The healing is finally successful and the tissue resists. The pain disappears.

Creating or accentuating conflict, in psychotherapy, is the equivalent of shock waves for the mind. To stimulate the formation of a strong behaviour, able to withstand a greater multitude of opinions. Heal the personality at last.


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