Do you think the search for truth is madness or a path to reason?

Truth exists only by looking at its fusional aspect, its quality of unified representation. While looking at its constituent aspect, its assembled elements, we find that other assemblages are possible, that the consideration of additional elements forms another truth.

Truth is therefore a reassuring basis as a representation, but a chaotic agitation as a constitution.

How is our mind structured? It is a set of concepts of increasing complexity built on basic principles. These principles are order, causality, time, information, individuality, collectiveity… Complex concepts are self-awareness, society, abstractions, mysticisms…

Seeking a single truth for complex concepts is futile since they possess the most changing and chaotic constitution. Conversely, it is difficult to look for several truths with basic principles, which are similar in all minds. We cannot imagine them a finer constitution that would give them different meanings.

In the end, the more complex a subject is, the more reductive it is for the mind to apply a truth to it. The appropriate reason is that of fuzzy logic. The truth can be identified but not designated. Letting it wave retains its universality, while designating it transforms it into our individual desire.


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