90% of what you say, body language? (Brain commentary – Psycho No. 122)

The author, Yyes-Alexandre Thalmann, twists his neck at this idea after admitting to having believed it for a long time. Well, keep believing it, Yves-Alexandre, because it is your denunciation that is false. You just have to put into perspective a clumsy presentation, with a percentage that means nothing, since it mixes different levels of information.

Whistleblowing follows the current trend among psychologists to flatten the mind into a vast, unique information processing system. Trend brocade in this review of the book The Flat Mind of Nick Chater.

The mind is hierarchical. Neurons transmit bright spots on the retina to others who make a feature of it. The hierarchy continues towards the organization of higher concepts. The point that matters to us here is that the top of the hierarchy cannot exist without its base. Its independence is only relative. An abstract idea is not a neural group working in isolation in the cortex. Such a group is at the top (in terms of information weight) of a widely connected network.

In other words, understanding spoken language, at a high hierarchical level, is only possible if the base allows it. The shaping of sounds in sentences is ensured by the unconscious part of the mind. Communication is modulated before access to consciousness. Intermediate steps readily prohibit or disguise speech.

A bad intention can be attributed to the interlocutor by decoding his body language, even before the meaning of his speech is formed. This one won't pass.

In the end what you say only reaches the verbal understanding of your interlocutor if the image of reality built by him at that time allows it. Your body language is a big part of it if it is not neutral.

Finally, the ideas you are trying to convey will only be understood if there is the necessary conceptual basis. Reaching the consciousness of the other is not enough to make new things assimilate. Their integration requires a mental effort… that the other will enthusiastically do if your body language is empathetic.

Modulation works in negative but also positive.


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