Can you write something that will fundamentally change how I see the world?

A2a. I will interpret your question differently: how do you see the world? What do you see?

Looking for the answer to what sees, first arises a lot of details. Too much. Is that the ' I '? A scatter? No, it's the content.

Paradoxically it is also the container. ' I ' is also a unit, merging all these contents. Colors, emotions, abstractions, languages, dreams, concepts and experiences of very different natures, manage to blend together to create a unique ' I '.

How can such a prodigy be possible?

If I took the conscience as an example, it is that the reality of the Prodigy is immediate to us. There's no need for a mathematical demonstration. No litigation possible. But many other wonders of the same type surround us.

Take a cell. It is easy to visualize as a container. Its contents are heterogeneous: biochemical, genetic, biological, structural, distributional, functional, relational… Their natures differ as much as those of the contents of consciousness. Some are inert things in isolation, others are réplicantes; There are also organizations, functions. A disparate Collection of hardware and virtual that the meeting defines a single entity: the cell.

I am not going to tell you that this cell is experiencing a piece of consciousness because it is a fusion of the same type as ours. Stupid. It would be neglecting that the contents are radically different. The container has no existence in isolation. On the other hand The Prodigy is the same: in both cases, the merging of contents is not simply their assembly. What we feel as a consciousness is not a juxtaposition of the elements of thought.

It is rather an ocean whose thoughts emerge like the peaks of the waves. White scum. Overlapping unit and fragmentation.

This difficulty in explaining the phenomenon consciousness is not an incentive to place it in a world apart. It is the proven demonstration that we do not correctly explain the physical reality, this matter which seems yet wonderfully deciphered by science.

A paradigm reversal! It is not the conscience that resists science, but science that resists consciousness…

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