What is consciousness?

Consciousness is control.

Reality is a process. Levels of entangled information. The vision of reality is usually horizontal, that of juxtaposed systems. However, the vertical view is the most fruitful: how information levels are interdependent. The interaction is in two directions: 1) ascending: micro-mechanisms producing a more complex organization. 2) downward: the resulting organization has a retroactive effect on micro-mechanisms. Higher-level information is in a way a representation of all lower-level information, an addition to that simple sum. And this addition is active. A fragment of consciousness has just appeared.

No dualism in this definition. A consciousness is not an addition of micro-consciousnesses. It is constituted by the level of additional information. It is the addition of successive levels that will expand, complicate, strengthen the higher level of control, which becomes a representation of increasing sophistication, based on the underlying information.

Once the consciousness is defined thus, what is experienced is the content of the consciousness, the complexity of the representations which occupy the highest level of control of the physical structure considered. In the human brain these representations are extraordinarily varied, elaborate, and ramified. A properly awakened human consciousness is the integration of very large neural networks realizing a superposition of concepts organized in successive levels of complexity. The richness of our consciousness comes from the height of our pyramid of mental organization. It is gradually structured from infant to adult. It loses its flexibility in old age. It varies from one to another depending on the individual’s ability to elevate these conceptual organizations, and the need to do so.

By asking this question you are building up the very high level which is the representation of the self in reality.

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