Using the Occam Razor as a guide, why are there not more people to believe that the universe is infinite?

Your question contains three blunders: on the one hand Occam’s razor applies only to hypotheses of the same value in competition (the finiteness of the universe is a subject too speculative to be eligible). On the other hand you do not say why the razor would decide for infinity (infinity is not easy to handle). Finally the number of people sharing an idea is not a good indicator of its value.

The answer to the question « Is the universe infinite? » asks beforehand to define the universe and the infinite we are talking about. Is it only the observable universe? So it is not infinite. Is it all that exists? So do not you define your infinity exactly like this “whole”? For if the infinite went beyond this totality, it would no longer be one. And if the whole thing was “finished”, in what would one define its finiteness?

The assertion « The universe has no end » (statement unrelated to the mathematical infinities) becomes a pleonasm rather than a use of Occam’s razor.

Another way of answering the same thing is to consider the universe in its complete, spatio-temporal dimension. So, it is difficult to find limits. An “in-finite” contingent by our essentially transverse observation. Our models provide mediocre predictions about the future.

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