Is there any chance that the neural correlations of consciousness will be seen as its cause?

Provocative Question. The definition of neural activity is much better understood and understood than that of consciousness. In fact, to say that human beings all possess the same "type" of consciousness is a convention … based essentially on the shared anatomy of our brains, so the fact that the neural support of our consciences is the same. But surely you have noticed that it takes a lot of communication between two consciences to understand each other:-) Every neural architecture is unique.

The professor: when a "misdefined" is likely to be caused by a "better defined", the question is more logically: "Does the defined evil have any chance of being caused by something other than the best defined?". Otherwise you give the advantage to not knowing about knowledge.

The doctor: The neural correlations of consciousness are so narrow that stimulating only one of your neurons will cause a complete and accurate representation in your mind (if one has understood its position in the network), and that remove some connections you Will forget that you have one day possessed this representation (you can however relearn it by rebuilding the network). The decrease in the activity of the neurons of vigilance decreases the "current" in the network and its global integration cannot be maintained. Oddly enough, the consciousness passes at the same time in sleep. Finally all alternative states of consciousness have their own specific neural correlations. A bad setup and a man takes his wife for a hat …

Neural incentives are not the consciousness phenomenon but are undoubtedly the medium. The phenomenon consciousness, it, is the organization of these excitements, extraordinarily complex and stratified, to the point of being able to explain without difficulty the richness of the proven phenomenon.

In the end the Apothegm "neural correlations of consciousness" is it not a politeness of people who know the brain well to those who know it less? Damn it, but it is sticky, this teacher …

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