Why music affect the brain and cause emotions despite the fact that she is not rich in meaning as a spoken or written language? Is there a biological basis for this?

The music is in fact able to trigger strong emotions as the language spoken or written at most of the people who enjoy it. In addition the music can trigger these emotions alone, while words are capable as partners in an environment where the emotion. So, it seems that music is connected in a much more intimate way to emotion than words.

The explanation is that music is a language older, more primitive than the words.

The words were preceded by the Cree, the superscripted, songs, choruses, primitive instrument sounds. Among the instruments available, only one belongs to all members of the species: the larynx. The voice is somehow the universal musical instrument in humans. Used permanently as soon as he had to warn its congeners of an event or need any. The reason why how to use has evolved so complex and detailed, to form the multitude of languages spoken today. What we call today 'music', practice with other instruments, was simpler and closer to the archaic songs, because practiced only by those who know the instrument played. Appeared in this particular language diversity manifests itself more by the variety of instruments than the meanings. Melodic patterns are very old. All the instruments are able to handle and trigger emotions that are attached.

The biological explanation is this:
When the embryonic brain undertakes its maturation, it recreates the evolutionary history that led him to his contemporary organization. The oldest languages are registered, including music, and connect to the most archaic sensations, including emotions. Over this primitive organization of neural patterns come then to superimpose there others, most recent: phonemes, themselves then organized in words and phrases. The brain is predisposed to this organization, however it takes some mimicry, learning, to put them in place. The music becomes associated with representations complex, cultural, personal memories, fetish artists. Nevertheless his deep connections remain. Neural groups which interpret it are closely related to those of the emotion. Consciousness has no need to intervene. Emotion flows directly from the music. As well as a musician music Springs straight emotion.

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