What is the adaptive significance of consciousness?

The mutation / natural selection engine is specific to the evolution of the living. This is not the organizing principle of all reality. Human consciousness has specific properties within the living, such as moral principles, thinking on the criteria used by evolution, resistance to the principle of “selfish gene”. A priori it marks the end of the adaptive paradigm used until now in the evolution of our species. That is to say, human consciousness, if it occurred by chance (for example following the fusion of a pair of chromosomes in a common ancestor with the gorilla), is self-justifying. It validates its own interest as a mode of organization, in the same way that mathematical axioms will create a perfectly coherent deductive universe within what they define.

This way of seeing allows one to escape from a theory of evolution used in dogma where it no longer applies. It shows a self-organized reality, free of any “justification” vis-à-vis the orders it builds. Only the stability provided by these organizations on their underlying structures allows them to increase their complexity.

In this context, human consciousness is a successful organization of immediately underlying mental functions, in particular the fusion between productions as contrasted as emotions, abstractive capacities, bodily imperatives, reproductive drives, social constraints, etc. …

Synthesis commonly still very stormy in most of us 🙂

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