People say that books do your brain what exercise does to your body. But suggested not you should win in fluid intelligence?

A book is a media, that is to say a means of transferring concepts. What drives the brain is the conceptual content itself. There are roughly two types: independent and dependent concepts. The first group includes fortuitous events and free affirmations. These representations are not connected to others. A fortuitous event is justified in itself. It was not predictable a priori. The person who reports it believes that it is not necessary to provide an explanation. Likewise for a gratuitous statement. The author considers that his thought is sufficiently authoritative, or that the statement is sufficiently consensual, not to justify it.

Dependent concepts are part of a mental structure. They are organized from sub-concepts and relate to concepts of the same level. Rivalries. Organization in higher concepts. The intelligence is the number of stages increasing the complexity of this structure in each conceptual domain. To increase this intelligence is not only to bring new representations to study, it is also necessary that they organize themselves in a coordinated way, to raise the mental pyramid. Some minds contain a considerable amount of independent concepts, because they have a good memory, but have a weak intelligence, because all these concepts occupy the same level, do not lead to anything more complex.

Sculpting and elevating intelligence is a conscious retro-control job. It’s not just about feeding one’s mind into concepts but thinking about how they are connected. We can of course use mimicry, read the reflections of the authors on the subject. But it remains an external tattoo, a memorization of a new portion of mental structure conceived by the author. True creative intelligence activates when you put the book down and you grab pencil and blank page to encourage your own thoughts on the subject.

When they come to life, it is time to open some reference books to check if they are ramblings or brilliant inventions.

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