When your body moves, does your consciousness move?

In all my books and lectures, I use a principle called « screed-humbug »: there exists, hidden in my very serious discourse, an enormous incongruity. The goal is to keep the reader or listener awake, because the text is arduous, sometimes abstruse… flirting with absurdity? Well yes, at least on one occasion. My obsession is to be believed on the beauty or the mystery of the verb.

In a book on consciousness (not translated in english), I explain that the jet-lag is caused by a displacement of the body too fast for the consciousness to follow. The poor one does not flap its wings quickly enough in the ether. Occasionally, it will only join its physical support several days late. In the meantime the body has moved like a zombie, shaken by succinct reflexes, confused with the whole person only because she finds herself in the midst of strangers who do not really know her, otherwise she would not delude long time.

I am actively seeking a way of remedying the jet-lag by the invention of a transport fluid which would enable everyone to place his consciousness in his hand luggage and dispose of it immediately upon arrival. But my experiments did not succeed. Lately I tried freezing. Unfortunately when I showed up in front of the security gantry with a large block of ice on my head, the customs officers drove me back…

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