Should the shared ideas of humans be considered as fragments of consciousness seeking to reproduce through their hosts?

If you think of consciousness as a kind of parallel universe inhabited by a multitude of ideas, and our minds as the niches where they come to walk, you are in a very personal metaphysics which no scientific knowledge has supported.

There is no need, however, to resort to mysticism to know that ideas are implanted, reproduced, are viral. I never open a book without having put a condom on my head 🙂 It is not related to the nature of consciousness, but rather that of unconscious contents. A concept is mimetic. To simplify, let’s say that if a foreign idea finds a fertile breeding ground in your mind, it will be implanted there willingly. Question of organization of your mental structure. Other concepts will be strongly rejected. We are not colonized by anything. The mind is utilitarian. It must maintain a coherent identity.

Consciousness is a space of integration, observation and synthesis, situated above these conceptual implantations. She merges them. She can present the most beautiful ideas to others, like her babies. But it is rather a parental activity. You are not under the control of an alien who would have been embedded into your brain. It is your maternal identity that adopts a new child (the seductive idea) and tries to offer it the best future.

I hope you will take care of this offspring that I propose 😉

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