How can science ever prove without a doubt that consciousness is just a product of the brain, and are they (scientists) know that they cannot (as theologians know they can't prove otherwise), what is interest only to try?

There is no interest to want to demonstrate anything beyond a doubt.

Firstly because it's impossible. On the other hand because it is doubt that advance knowledge. Main difference between science and religion. The second believes, no doubt. Knowledge canned. Doubt the science. Perpetually. But she needs stable foundations for the structure itself. She chooses some paradigms for their strength in the face of experience. Built its branches around the strongest performances. It is possible to change their structure by doubt. Obviously it's more difficult for a limb as a young branch. Thus the effective doubt is a doubt graduated. A coherent vision of reality is not devoid of suspicion. It is surrounded by a sparse doubt. In this representation is still a doubt strong, who was waving it. But the gradation of the doubt allows us to live in a bubble that is structured in the middle of the universe of possibilities, capable to adapt flexibly to everything that may arise. While beliefs are considered remarkably powerless in the face of the unexpected.

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